What it Means to be "Green Cleaning Certified" and Why You Should Care

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It’s a known fact that it provides peace of mind to an individual or business that those

they do business with substantiate their ability to do the job by providing evidence of

certification. Knowing that you entrust a company that’s certified solidifies that they not only can do the job but that they understand the work on a deeper level. While most think that cleaning is something that anyone can do, it is a false assumption.

Cleaning is more than just wiping down furniture or a tub. A reputable green cleaning company understands the chemicals and the science of their products. Furthermore, they understand soils and how those chemicals interact with those chemicals. Knowing and understanding the right chemical to use and for what job is imperative to whether a surface is clean or not.

A green cleaning company, in many ways, understands it more than a typical cleaning company. While it’s important to have a cleaning method, it’s equally important to know what works on what surfaces. With a green company, you also have to know what’s toxic, what’s safe, what’s acceptable by certain standards, and the health benefits associated with using green products. The Green Bright Cleaning Service goes way beyond just cleaning. It aims to provide a better quality of life, help those with health issues, reduce the chances of health-related conditions due to toxins, and help the environment by reducing toxins in the air and wastewater.

On average, a typical household contains a minimum of 62 toxic chemicals. Those chemicals may pose a serious health threat to everyone in the home, including children, just by way of spreading toxic dust they produce. Even individuals who are aware of effects and shop for “green” products in the store need to take pause before throwing a cleaning product claiming to be eco-friendly into the basket. Many manufacturers claim they have “green” products but still produce products containing serious toxins. When a company does not use environmentally safe products but claims to do so, it is called greenwashing. That leaves most consumers blind and not know what to buy.

Being a certified green cleaning company gives assurance to customers that they can put trust into a company to ensure they are doing everything they can to provide a safe environment without toxic chemicals. Furthermore, they don’t have to worry about doing the research or understanding chemicals. They will have the comfort of knowing that the air they breathe is clean, fresh, and healthy.

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