Asking Employees to Clean the Office Will Cost You

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Let's face it. Nobody wants a thumbs down. It's bad enough getting a negative reaction in the realm of social media where you don't have to meet anyone in person. But what about a collective thumbs down from the people you depend on the most — your employees?

Many employers understand the impacts a clean office can have not only on their clients but also on the overall mood of employees who work in a clean space. Studies show that an employee is more productive in a clean and tidy workspace as opposed to a cluttered mess. And while an employer might think that asking the employees to "chip in" to keep the workplace clean is a money-saving idea, this is actually a costly mistake.

Decreases Morale

It's simple, right? Timely and proper cleaning can significantly reduce the spread of germs and associated health risks. And for some employers, you might have your employees share in the cleaning responsibilities. But asking employees to help with cleaning tasks can be a morale killer. In their minds, they were not hired to clean; they were hired to do a job that needs 100% of their attention. Adding cleaning tasks to their list of "to do's" not only takes time away from their intended tasks but also sends a message that they are devalued. This can lead to increased stress and lower productivity and morale.

It Will Cost You Money

Consider this simplified example. An employee makes $10 per hour. He or she spends 15 minutes per day on cleaning tasks such as cleaning the break room and bathrooms, vacuuming, cleaning the reception area, or disposing of trash. For this one employee, on average, it will cost $50 per month. Now, let's say three employees share the cleaning tasks, each spending ten minutes per day. Now the cost per day is $5 resulting in average spending of $100 per month. If you consider the loss of morale, sick time due to illness, and a decrease in productivity, the number could be significantly higher.

Now let’s say a client walks in and sees employees cleaning. That would send a message to a client that they either have nothing to do or their employer failed to realize their potential in keeping them assigned to their tasks. What might the client think?

What's the Opportunity Cost

Now let's consider the opportunity cost. The combined 30 minutes per day of three employees results in an opportunity cost of each of them not doing their intended tasks for the day. This leads to decreased productivity and can contribute to financial loss for a company. For example, employee Ann is away from her desk for ten minutes. Meanwhile, a prospective new client may have called. They can't reach her so they call another company and the other company gets the client. No employer wants this kind of result.

An employer who hires a cleaning company realizes the impact of an opportunity cost by saving money and allowing their employees to do their job.

Let Professionals Do What They Do Best

The most empowering motivation for an employee is to let them thrive in what they do best. An employee who feels empowered to do the job they were hired for will go the extra mile for you. In general, employees do not possess knowledge of proper cleaning techniques or know the chemicals used in traditional cleaning products. By hiring a professional cleaning company to come in and do what they do best will prove beneficial to your company by saving money, boosting morale, and providing a safer and healthier work environment.

Don't Put Your Employees At Risk

When considering a professional cleaning company, make sure you consider a company specialized in Green Cleaning. Traditional cleaning products pose serious risks to the health of your employees.

  • Many furniture polishes contain Amyl Acetate, which is a neurotoxin known to cause depression.

  • Many popular disinfecting solutions contain Benzalkonium chloride, which is a biologically active substance, meaning it negatively affects living organisms.

  • Benzene, another chemical in furniture polish, is classified by the Agency for Research on Cancer as a carcinogen and is a known air pollutant by the EPA.

  • All-purpose cleaners can cause kidney damage. Dishwasher detergent, laundry bleach, tub, and tile cleaners can cause reproductive and immune system disorders.

  • And so many more...

Why risk it? Trained green cleaning professionals at Green Bright Cleaning Service will not only take care of your cleaning needs, but ensure that you will have a cleaner, non-toxic working environment. Call us today! (406) 215-1510

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