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Whether you're a real estate agency managing rentals or vacation rental homeowners, we can help you provide a sparkly clean and safe stay for your renters.  Advertise with your rental property that you provide a space that's eco-friendly, has significantly reduced allergens, and is toxic-free from cleaning chemicals, and you'll instantly have increased appeal for your rental.  We are a certified green cleaning company and use industry-leading HEPA filtration vacuums that remove more than 99% of bacteria, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants, as well as filter the contaminants out of the air.  If you allow pets at your rentals, this will definitely benefit you.  Guests or renters with allergies will especially love you!  


We offer a full-service package that includes a thorough cleaning of your home plus maid service.

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Dust mop/vacuum hard floors

  • Mop floors

  • Dust all surfaces

  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms

  • Clean and disinfect all dishes, appliances, kitchens/kitchenettes

  • Change bedding and make beds

  • Stage room with any special touches that you desire

We can also deep clean your rental on the first service and provide maid service cleanings thereafter.  Ask us about it!

Green Cleaning Certified

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Property rentals usually need a deep clean after a vacancy of a tenant.  For this service, we cover every nook and cranny of the inside of the home that's covered in our deep clean service.

We'll go over a basic list with you and modify it according to your needs.

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