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At Green Bright Cleaning Service, we are a Certified Green Cleaning Company (learn more), as well as insured and bonded.  We have worked in the Commercial cleaning sector in Kalispell for over four years before venturing out to start our own company.  See "Services We Offer" to learn more.


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Quick Facts

  • Some office space surfaces have more bacteria than toilet seats...More

  • Toxic chemicals from traditional cleaning supplies can cause serious health conditions.


Running a successful business is stressful enough without the added worry about cleaning your workspace.  Add in the trouble of worrying about proper cleaners to use to make it a safe place for your staff and customers, and it becomes a downright headache. 

Public spaces can be a hot spot for bacteria no matter how tidy it can look to the eye. These spaces not only need to be tidy but need to be properly cleaned to reduce the spread of germs and viruses that cause illnesses.

Protecting you, your staff and your patrons is a number one priority.  In addition to transmittable diseases, illnesses related to toxic cleaning chemicals range from asthma to cancer and more (see article).  Making your place tidy, clean and safe not only makes your employees happier but more productive.  And that saves you time and money. 


Let your customers know you care by emphasizing that you use effective, non-toxic disinfectants and sanitizers to provide a safe environment and cleaner air.  Your customers will thank you.

Benefits of

a Clean Office

  • Workspaces are cleaner and have fewer germs

  • Fewer absences from being sick

  • More productivity because of fewer absences

  • More money for your company

But Just Being "Clean" Isn't Good Enough

Have you ever walked into a freshly cleaned room and took a big whiff of that aroma in the air and felt refreshed by being in a clean environment?

Well, if traditional cleaning products were used to clean that room, then you just breathed in toxic chemicals that cause a wide range of health risks including cancer, kidney disorders, immune system disorders, asthma, birth defects and more (see article).

Don't take the risk.  Cleaning companies should be just as responsible for the air quality as they are for the streaks on the bathroom mirror.  The only way to have that peace of mind is to make sure Green products are being used.  Your professional cleaning company should not only make sure you have a fantastically clean space, but they should also understand toxic chemicals and green cleaning products and practices so that you don't have to.  

Why Hire Us

Employers that delegate cleaning tasks to their staff are taking a big risk at losing too much.  Factoring in the loss of productivity, opportunity costs and loss of morale can be more costly to an employer in the long run.

Businesses that are cleaned by their own staff not only lose time better spent on work-related tasks but also lose money (see article).

Our company is certified in green cleaning, and the knowledge of our staff can take away the worries associated with choosing the right products or using the right cleaning techniques.  This will give you time to do what you do best.

Green Cleaning Certified

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Learn more about our qualifications

  • Spaces are not as thoroughly cleaned

  • Employees lack understanding of cleaning chemicals and their risks

  • Germs still linger

  • Illnesses still occur

  • Regular cleaning chemicals emit toxins that can cause serious health issues

  • Absences occur

  • Morale is decreased

  • Productivity is lower

  • Higher opportunity cost

  • Not actually saving money but losing money

  • Workspaces are cleaner and toxic-free

  • You don’t have to worry about what products to use

  • Fewer absences from being sick

  • Fewer absences from serious health issues caused by cleaning chemicals

  • More productivity because of fewer absences

  • Higher morale because employees can focus on their own job

  • Happier employees

  • More money for your company

Your Staff

Cleaning Company

Who Cleans?

What We Do For You

Our staff is trained and skilled to organize and sanitize your busines, targeting overlooked areas that attract contaminants.  Our eco-friendly cleaning products are proven to create the healthiest possible working environment, and you can breathe easy knowing that your air quality is healthy and toxic-free.

Services We Offer

  • Daily, recurring janitorial services

  • Hard floor care (Strip and Wax, Scrub and Buff)

  • Tile/Stone care

  • Clean and sanitize reception area, bathrooms, stairwells, and workspaces

  • Organize and clean common areas and kitchens

  • Empty waste receptacles

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Dust surfaces

  • Mop floors

  • Shine surfaces to a sparkly clean

Because every business has different needs, we will work with you to address any particular cleaning considerations and make adjustments accordingly.

What We Charge

We are happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can work within your budget.  Once we work with you to discuss your cleaning needs, we'll construct a proposal tailored to your requirements, square footage, cleaning schedule and degree of services required.  


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