About us

Committed to Keeping Your Space Toxic Free and Squeaky Clean

We are a Montana-owned and operated cleaning company focusing on environmentally friendly products and practices.  For years we cleaned for commercial companies, constantly inundated with toxic cleaning chemicals and having no choice in the purchasing of products.  That's when we decided we wanted to belong to a company that cared about its employees, customers and the environment. 


With those things in mind, we started Green Bright Cleaning Service in 2019.  We may be a new company.  But we are definitely not new to the cleaning business.  Learn more about us below!


Green Bright Cleaning Service is entirely based upon environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable and sustainable products, tools and practices.  Every product and tool we use in our business is carefully selected to ensure we are doing our part to maintain a lean and green business.  Not only do we use only eco-friendly cleaning products, we go the extra mile by ensuring the tools we use comply with our impeccable standards. We strive to use compostable trash bags, gloves, and plastics, and we use recycled products and products that we can recycle or repurpose.

We are especially careful about the cleaning solutions we’ve selected for our business in that they must adhere to the Green Seal or Ecologo standards.  We test all products in our own home before we decide to use them in our business to ensure we understand proper usage, any safety concerns, and the effectiveness of the product.  We would never use a product in your living or working environment that we wouldn’t use for ourselves.  Every aspect of our tools and products have been carefully thought out and vetted before use.

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Not only do we take special care in our company to provide safe and effective eco-friendly cleaning products and tools, we also strive to be a lean company.  What does it mean to be lean?  

We Eliminate Waste

We do this in two ways.  First, we make sure that we eliminate physical waste.  As much as possible, we use recycled items, such as bags or paper products, and items that we can recycle or repurpose.  The less waste we generate from our business practices that better we serve you the environment.

Second, we eliminate waste in business practices and processes.  For example, we recognize how valuable your time is, and we ensure that the practices we incorporate into our processes are timesaving value-maximizing processes.  

We Are Value-Focused

We constantly are monitoring and incorporating elements into the business that provide value to you and eliminated elements that are not of value.  This helps us to ensure that we are efficient in providing the service you need without wasting time on issues of little importance.  In doing this, we ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

We Maintain the Five P's

We are continuously seeking to improve Processes, Purposes, People, and Perfection.


We always make sure to streamline our processes by asking ourselves and our customers “What do we do well?” and “How can we improve?” 


What is the reason we do what we do?  Sure, it’s of course to provide excellence in cleaning and customer support.  But we also do what we do for a deeper purpose.  We care about the environment and the space you spend your time in.  We care about you and your health.  We care about your children.  We care about your pets.  And we want to make sure your health and their health is not at risk in the place where you should feel the safest. 



We want nothing more than for you to feel at ease knowing that your home or office is in good care with us.  You spend most of your time at either work or home, and let’s face it, you feel happier when your space is not only clean, but it’s safe from toxic chemicals.  We’ll provide you that peace of mind.

Our Staff

We make sure our staff is properly trained in the following:

  • Cleaning products and their ingredients

  • Cleaning techniques

  • Safety on the job

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Ethics

  • Problem-solving

  • Time management


We know that nothing in life is perfect for everyone.  But we’re not focused on everyone, we’re focused on you.  What is your idea of a perfectly clean home?  What should we focus on to maximize value to you?  Let us know what makes you happy, and we’ll work hard until it’s perfect for you and your needs.  

Peace of Mind

You shouldn't have to worry about adding unnecessary health risks to your coworkers or family due to exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals.  You should always have peace of mind knowing that not only are you providing a safe place to work and live, you're also doing your part to help the environment without having to do anything except let us help you with your cleaning needs.  It's a "win" all the way around!