a clean environment has never been more important than now 

But you don't have to rely on toxic cleaning chemicals to get the job done.  

We're committed to providing a safe environment for you.  Whether you need a routine cleaning or regular sanitation/disinfection services, we're here to help.

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International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

Green Bright Cleaning Service truly believes in understanding issues about toxic chemicals and how they affect humans and the environment.  That’s why we believe it’s important to maintain a level excellence by acquiring a level of knowledge above and beyond a typical cleaning company.  At our company level, we believe it’s important to maintain a Green Cleaning Certification as a member of International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association.  This allows us to keep up with standards and green practices.  We monitor and keep track of ...  Read More

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Green Bright Cleaning Service truly believes in understanding issues about toxic



and lean

Green Bright Cleaning Service is entirely based upon ...

insured and bonded

While rare in occurrence, accidents can happen.  That's why...



When you're happy, we know we've done our job.  Our commitment...


"I needed help cleaning my house for a Christmas gathering of friends.  I received an in-the-mail card for a local cleaning service using green, pet friendly cleaners.  I called and scheduled a cleaning and they came as scheduled and "sparkled" my house.  It was spotlessly clean when they left. I was so pleased with their work and the price they charged for the cleaning.  I have set up a "deep clean" for January and biweekly cleaning for 2020. I am so looking forward to cleaning help that I can trust and help me keep my house clean and safe.  Thank you Green Bright."


"I am so pleased with this company and their services! I love they use cleaning products which are safe for our family and our pets. They are extremely professional, have great attention to detail and go above and beyond. They ensure everything is done correctly. Highly recommended!"



do you know?

What does it mean 

to be GREEN?

What is green cleaning and

why is it


The movement towards environmentally friendly products and practices has been growing since the 1960s. But with the growing controversy over climate change becoming more prevalent, it wasn't really until the 2000s that green movement moved...

cleaning chemicals

Say NO to


cleaning products

Why a clean home or office doesn't have to be a health risk

It may surprise you to learn that there are serious negative health effects from basic cleaning products available on the market today. It may also be a surprise that manufacturers are not required by law to list the ingredients in their cleaning products and that those companies are...

The dirty facts on traditional cleaning products

Many studies have been conducted to shed light on the effects of traditional cleaning products in a home or office. One study conducted by a team of 15 researchers at the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development center concluded that...


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